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Tony Collins, Kevin's Father

Music is a great part of the life of Kevin Collins. Being raised in a musical family, music was an everyday event! His grandmother, Agnes (Tobin) Collins of Ship Cove, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, was the start of the musical link in the Collins' family. Kevin's father, Tony Collins, carried on the family tradition for his lifetime, and now Kevin continues to offer music - lovers his best!


Kevin started singing at the tender age of six, and started publicly performing at age 13. Spending the majority of his childhood days at his grandmothers house, Kevin learned to have great respect for his grandmother and seniors. One of Kevin's releases entitled, "My Old Homestead" was lovingly dedicated to his grandmother! On a trip to Boston, with his grandmother, eight year old Kevin, performed on stage with Leroy Van Dyke and received a standing ovation.


Kevin is very proud of the fact that his grandfather, Charles Collins, a resident of Bond's Path, Placentia was a mail-carrier for 29 years. Charles Collins delivered mail from Placentia to Patrick's Cove on the Cape Shore by horse and buggy for a distance of 15 miles year ‘round for 29 years. He later worked in the lumber woods for the remainder of his life until his death at age 55. He left behind a wife and 12 children. A story is often told of how a visitor once said to Mrs. Agnes Collins that she should put some of her children in an orphanage, if she was to survive, but her exact reply was, "if this ship sinks, I will go down with her", this quote has turned up in a well-known song which Kevin wrote entitled, "Long Gone Are The Days". Mrs. Agnes Collins played a very important part in the life of Kevin Collins.


Tony Collins, his father, sang country music for 25 years. He died on July 1, 1990 of a major heart-attack.. Being from a family of four brothers and one sister, all having great musical abilities. Kevin's mom, Margaret (Downey) Collins, Colinet, NF, though not noted for her musical abilities, provides many mouth-watering meals to give her crowd the energy to sing and play.


Kevin married Roseanne (Pomeroy) Collins from Great Paradise, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland on March 17, 1984. Roseanne's family resettled to Placentia under the "resettlement program" in 1967. Not finding work in their new environment, many families returned to the places they left to once again earn their living from the Newfoundland fishery. Roseanne's mom, Patricia (Browne) Pomeroy and dad being one of those families. Unfortunately, on April 19,1984 Roseanne's dad, Loyola Pomeroy, drowned while setting lobster pots.


In May 2003 Kevin made his first voyage to Ireland and he was not disappointed. Ireland and her people were everything that Kevin had hoped they would be. Kevin promoted his music and "Newfoundland" everywhere he went, and was promptly invited back to Ireland the following years to do a series of shows. In February 2004 Kevin once again traveled to Ireland, this time performing his music. Many radio stations in Ireland are now playing Kevin's music and a number of Irish artists have even recorded some of Kevin's songs. Kevin's country cd, "Jump In And Swim" has been named "Cd of the Month" (February 2005) in Country Music Roundup Magazine in Britain.

Kevin and Roseanne continue to play their part in keeping Newfoundland alive in the hearts and lives of everyone they meet. They both count it a privilege to live and work in Newfoundland, and enjoy its rich heritage and culture. They feel that a great price has been paid by our very courageous ancestors, and feel very proud, as descendants, that they can enjoy the rich heritage that we now possess. Newfoundland and its people have been a very treasured part of the Collins' life and they continue to sing the praises of Newfoundland everywhere they go.


Kevin's grandmother's parents originated from Blackwater Co. Wexford, Ireland. Kevin's great-grandfather Samuel Collins came from Waterford, Ireland. Kevin's wife, Roseanne's family originates from Kilkenny, Ireland. (Browne)


Kevin Won Ambassador of the Year Award from Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador and Tourism Industry Association!

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