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Kevin is just completing his 2016 'Better Than Today' tour with Ray Walsh across Newfoundland. He continued to performed in small venues to give his fans a more personal show.
Kevin has been performing on the All Star Irish Cruise by Gertrude Byrnes Promotions since 2009! He will be attending the next cruise scheduled for February 2017!
Kevin completed his 2015 'Up Close and Personal' tour across Newfoundland. He performed in small venues to give his fans a more intimate show.

Kevin Collins- Manufactured Right Here In Newfoundland And Labrador. He has become part of the musical and cultural fabric of our province, and has been putting Newfoundland and Labrador on the map for years. He has single handedly played a major role in bridging the Newfoundland - Irish Connection and was awarded Irelands Country Music Magazine Songwriter of The Year, for his contribution and impact on the Irish Music Scene. He also has been awarded the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Hospitality Award and named Ambassador for his impact and contribution on tourism in his native Province. Known for his His crystal clear voice and tasty delivery, his songs, and how they are delivered, continues to touch everyone who hears him, whatever the age. No one loves home more than Kevin Collins and lives by his motto, "Newfoundland andLabrador Is A Place Where Friendship and Hospitality Is Not A Business, But A Way Of Life ! "

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