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Better Than Today

Kevin stays true to his Country, and Irish music styles and keeps on adding is own self written songs to the mix. Kevin is also proud to add a re-recording and remix of his hit song, Jump In And Swim.

1. Better Than Today

2. Country Medley ( Once A Day/Send Me The Pillow/Don’t Be Angry)

3. I Wish I Could Have Been There

4. This Moment Is Mine

5. Hug

6. Locklin’s Bar

7. Borrowed Angel

8. Home

9. At The End Of The Storm ( The Sun Will Shine)

10. Make The World Go Away

11. I’ve Had A Good Life

12. Picture Of Three Children

13. Jump In And Swim (Re-Recorded)

14. Donegal Danny

Better Than Today

  • Product will be shipped within 1-2 days. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

  • Currently available on iTunes for download.

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