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From an Island to an Island

While in Ireland being honoured as “Songwriter of the Year” at an award show in Kildare, Ireland for his dedication and contribution to Country and Irish music in Ireland, Kevin completed a DVD of ten of his songs using Ireland as his background. Kevin and his wife Roseanne travelled to Blackwater, Co. Wexford with a camera crew to capture the very place where his ancestors would have left approximately two hundred years ago.

He traveled to castles, churches, abbey’s, Cafe’s, interviewed locals, radio station personalities and recording artists to capture as much of Ireland as he could.

“As Tourism and the Irish/Newfoundland connection grows stronger, being a part of this DVD will enhance the awareness and profile of all parties involved. I have learned as the global market expands, that we have no alternative but to come up with new initiatives, if we are to keep our businesses, town and heritage in the forefront. We have had so many people expressing how they would just love to go to Ireland, but they are either up in age and won’t ever get to go, or have many other commitments and may never see Ireland, so we are endeavoring to bring Ireland to them,” Collins said.

Because of his Irish roots and his high profile throughout Ireland, Kevin is indeed in an ideal position to make this DVD project as successful as it will be memorable.

From an Island to an Island
Volume 1

DVD Runtime: Approximately 90 minutes. Produced in 2005.

From an Island to an Island

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